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Philosophy at Hertford College

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Welcome to the Philosophy website at Hertford College, Oxford, which provides teaching-related resources and information for our students. Others are welcome to browse, especially those who are thinking of applying to Hertford and might wish to find out something about what we do. Hertford is particularly well known for our famous bridge, often called the "Bridge of Sighs", which links the two parts of the College (shown at the left).

I am Peter Millican, Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at Hertford. My main research interests are in Epistemology and its history (especially David Hume), Philosophy of Logic and Language, and Philosophy of Religion. To the first years I teach Logic and General Philosophy (also giving the University lectures in General Philosophy). To the upper years I teach History of Modern Philosophy, Logic, Epistemology, Metaphysics and Philosophy of Religion. To find out more, click on my name or picture.

  Peter Millican
Paula Boddington  

Paula Boddington tutors in Ethics, in particular teaching John Stuart Mill's Utilitarianism to most of the first years (all PPE and PML). She is also a Research Associate at HeLEX Centre for Health, Law and Emerging Technologies in the Medical Sciences Division. She has previously taught at Bristol University and the Australian National University. Her research interests focus on applied ethics, especially in relation to genetics, and on intersections between ethics and epistemology, and moral psychology.

George Hoare teaches the Political Theory component of the PPE course. His research focuses especially on the thought of British socialists in the early 1960s, and his first book – an introduction to the political thought of Antonio Gramsci, co-authored with Nathan Sperber – is under contract with a French publisher.

  George Hoare
Thomas Hobbes  

Hertford College was formed from the amalgamation of two medieval halls, Hart Hall (founded 1282) and Magdalen Hall (founded 1448). We are therefore proud to claim as an alumnus the great philosopher Thomas Hobbes, born in 1588, the year of the Spanish Armada, and who lived to become – alongside Descartes – one of the fathers of modern philosophy. Hobbes attended Magdalen Hall from 1603, and took his B.A. in 1608 (the same year that the telescope was invented, with momentous implications to follow in the hands of Galileo ...).