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PPE: Phil/Pol/Econ
Phil/Modern Langs
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Please look also at our PPE at Hertford College admissions website, which includes a lot of material equally relevant to other Philosophy courses. Those taking the small "joint schools" with Philosophy (combining it with Maths, Modern Languages, Physics or Psychology) tend to do a lot with the PPE groups, both academically and socially. They also do a lot with other students on the same course at other colleges, and hence become part of two (or even three) close-knit social networks.

Hertford College welcomes admissions in PPE (Philosophy, Politics, & Economics), Computer Science & Philosophy, Mathematics & Philosophy, Physics & Philosophy, and Philosophy & Modern Languages, and next year expects to have students in all five of these courses. Unfortunately we are unable to recruit students in Classics, Philosophy & Theology, or Psychology & Philosophy.

Our biggest course involving Philosophy is PPE, in which we generally aim to recruit 8 students per year. Places on the other Philosophy courses have no quota, since recruitment depends on the competition amongst applicants in the other discipline. (So for example, we will admit a candidate in Physics/Philosophy if he or she shows aptitude in Philosophy, and is good enough to qualify in the competition amongst the applicants for places in Physics.)

To see details of application procedures etc., please consult the University website on Admissions in Philosophy.