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Philosophy and Modern Languages

Philosophy and Modern Languages is an excellent choice for those who wish to study Philosophy whilst maintaining serious interest in another language and culture, and particularly for those who are interested in learning about, for example, French or German Philosophy (of any period).

Current Students at Hertford

Information for current students, organised by year-group, is available from the links at the left of this page, or by clicking on: First Year, Second Year, Third Year, Fourth Year. Numbers within each year-group are shown in the sidebar. Click here to link to the Philosophy and Modern Languages Course Handbook (within Philosophy WebLearn), and here for the formal Examination Regulations (Grey Book).


Hertford College does not have a quota for places in Philosophy and Modern Languages, since recruitment depends on the competition amongst applicants in Modern Languages. But applications are welcomed, and we will admit candidates in Philosophy and Modern Languages if they show aptitude and interest in Philosophy, and are good enough to qualify in the competition amongst the applicants for places in Modern Languages.

For details of application procedures etc., please consult the University website on Admissions in Philosophy and Modern Languages.

First Year Programme

For details of the first year programme in Philosophy and Modern Languages, see the page on Philosophy and Modern Languages, First Year.

Upper Year Choices

For a brief summary of Philosophy requirements and options, see the page on Philosophy Upper Year Lectures.