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PPE: Phil/Pol/Econ
Phil/Modern Langs
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PPE: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Please look also at our PPE at Hertford College admissions website.

PPE is one of the best-known courses at Oxford University, famous throughout the world and boasting many illustrious alumni in public life, as well as in academia (Wikipedia provides a long list of Notable people with Oxford PPE degrees, and note that the recent Labour Home Secretary Jacquie Smith took PPE at Hertford College). The course is extremely versatile, providing an introduction to each of the three disciplines in the first year, followed by a wide choice in the second and third years. To visit the Hertford College websites for the two allied disciplines, click here: Economics at Hertford College, Politics at Hertford College.

Current Students at Hertford

Information for current students, organised by year-group, is available from the links at the left of this page, or by clicking on: First Year, Second Year, Third Year. Numbers within each year-group are shown in the sidebar. Click here to link to the PPE Course Handbook (within Philosophy WebLearn), and here for the formal Examination Regulations (Grey Book).


Hertford College generally aims to recruit 8 students per year for PPE. For details of application procedures etc., please consult the University website on Admissions in PPE.

First Year Programme

For details of the first year programme in PPE, see the page on PPE First Year.

Upper Year Choices

PPE offers a remarkably wide choice of options in the upper years. For details, please see the linked document on PPE Upper Year Choices. For a brief summary of Philosophy requirements and options, see the page on Philosophy Upper Year Lectures.