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107 Philosophy of Religion

This paper is not part of the Philosophy core (except in Philosophy and Theology), but it makes a rewarding choice for many students because of the intrinsic interest of the arguments with which it deals, and the way that they related to central topics in History of Philosophy, Epistemology, and Metaphysics. In Hertford College, it is taught by Peter Millican, who has researched a good deal in the area, especially on the Ontological Argument and on those topics to which David Hume was a major contributor (e.g. the Cosmological Argument, the Design Argument, the Problem of Evil, and Miracles). Students wishing to do topics in more theological areas may be invited to do one or two tutorials with appropriate specialists.

Paired Tutorial Organisation

Tutorial arrangements, for those having paired tutorials with Peter Millican, will be as set out in the following document:

Outline of the Plan for Paired Tutorials

Reading Lists

The current reading lists for Philosophy of Religion are linked below. Please see the Philosophy Faculty WebLearn for others

(Note: these reading lists are subject to updating at random intervals – please check before using them.)