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First Year Introduction to Logic

The first year Introduction to Logic course is based on Volker Halbach's Logic Manual, published by Oxford University Press in August 2010. Students coming up to Hertford are not expected to read this in advance, but should read Peter Millican's Introductory Notes (also linked below), which are designed to clarify some of the crucial concepts before the first lecture.

Overall Teaching Scheme for 2011-12

The Faculty provides lectures on Mondays at midday during Michaelmas Term, which are considered compulsory for the first four weeks. These will be supplemented by sessions preparing for the week's work, starting at 5 pm (potentially till 7 pm), provided by Bob Hargrave in the Russell Room in Balliol.

Individual learning is mainly based around sets of exercises that will be given out each week at these sessions, solutions to which are to be submitted to Bob Hargrave by 9 am on each Friday. These will then be returned at a class on the Friday afternoon, individual times for which will be arranged and notified in due course (but please keep 2-5 pm clear until you know).

Topics to be covered in the first four weeks are as follows:

  1. Ambiguity
  2. Validity
  3. Propositional Calculus semantics
  4. Propositional Proof

All students taking Logic are strongly encouraged to attend Bob Hargrave's lectures If: A Hitchhiker's Guide, taking place on Tuesdays at 12, in Balliol College, Lecture Room 23.

After four weeks, PPE students (but not others) are free to decide whether or not they wish to continue with Logic.


Volker Halbach's Logic Manual (on the WebLearn system – Oxford University members only)

Mark Thakkar's Introduction to Logic at Hertford

Volker Halbach's page on the Logic Manual (with related resources such as past papers etc.)

Peter Millican's Introductory Notes for the Logic Manual

Monty Python Argument Sketch on YouTube (referred to in the Introductory Notes)

For Interest

Mark Thakkar's Exercises for Wilfrid Hodges' Logic

These exercises were used in Michaelmas Term 2007, the last year of the "old" logic course based on Hodges' book. They may be of interest to anyone working through Hodges independently (e.g. if you're keen to learn some logic before coming to Oxford).

Exercises for Week 1 Exercises for Week 2 Exercises for Week 3
Exercises for Week 4 Exercises for Week 5 Exercises for Week 6
Exercises for Week 7 Exercises for Week 8 Exercises for the Vacation