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Tutorials and Classes

Tutorials constitute the main method of College teaching in all years, though the first year Logic course is taught in larger classes. This page contains links to other pages that cover the various courses taught within College.

Plan for Paired Tutorials

Where the students concerned are agreeable, paired tutorials are likely to follow the pattern of "essay and response" rather than independent essays. This requires more co-ordination than the traditional model, but has a number of significant advantages. To read about these, and what your commitments will be under this system, read this Outline of the Plan for Paired Tutorials.

First Year Course

The first year Philosophy programme for most students consists of three courses, namely General Philosophy, Introduction to Logic (taught using Halbach's Logic Manual), and Moral Philosophy (taught by reference to Mill's Utilitarianism). Students taking Mathematics and Philosophy or Physics and Philosophy are not examined in Moral Philosophy, but instead take Elements of Deductive Logic (Hilary term) and either Frege or the Leibniz/Clarke Correspondence (Trinity term). These courses are taught outside Hertford College, usually in classes organised at University level, and details will be provided in due course.

For teaching materials, click on the appropriate link below:

Finals Papers

For teaching materials on the papers tutored by Peter Millican, click on the appropriate link below: