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Philosophy and Modern Languages First Year

There are currently no students at Hertford College in the first year of Modern Languages and Philosophy, but we hope to recruit at least one student (and ideally two) in the next admissions round.

Philosophy Lectures and Classes in Michaelmas Term

This term's Philosophy timetable, including College classes as well as University lectures (but not individual or paired tutorials), is as follows. To find out more on each course, click on the link in the "Subject" column.

Lectures and Classes for Philosophy First Year
Day Time Place Lecturer Subject
Monday 12-1 Schools Volker Halbach Introduction to Logic
Monday 5-7 Balliol, Russell Room Bob Hargrave Logic Preparation for the Week's Work
Tuesday 12-1 Balliol, Lecture Room 23 Bob Hargrave If: A Hitchhiker's Guide
Wednesday 12-1 Schools Peter Millican General Philosophy
Friday 2-5 Balliol Bob Hargrave Keep free for logic classes

Overall Philosophy Teaching Scheme

In most respects, joint degree programmes are just "divided down the middle", so you can broadly expect half your time to be spent on Philosophy every term (though I do make an effort to coordinate things with your other tutors whenever there are potential complications). Philosophy teaching this year is likely to be scheduled as follows, but note that this is subject to adjustment.

(Note that in this table, all underlined lectures are to be regarded as compulsory throughout. Other lectures are highly recommended – you should at least attend them to start with, and keep attending if they prove useful. All tutorials and college classes are, of course, compulsory)

Term Philosophy
Philosophy Tutorials
or Classes
Michaelmas General Philosophy
Moral Philosophy
General Philosophy
(Please consult
Katherine Lunn-Rockliffe)
Hilary General Philosophy
Moral Philosophy
Moral Philosophy
Trinity Revision only Finishing off (various) and revision